The 5 amazing inventions: Product of technology in advanced creativeness

In this present time, we can say that many inventions are already on the high level that it can become a normal thing after some years. Let us take a look at the cell phone as an example. When it was first developed it is not a smart machine and it is bulky and big. The keypad version is the only kind that is available in the market. But look how it is today. There are many smartphones that exist with every different feature like waterproof ones and very slim.

Seeing the video above, you may have understood already what I meant in the first paragraph. The video shows the cosmo robot with a different personality and a smart one that can lift itself up if it toppled. Even if it is small but has tasks to do. Another product in the video is the soloshot 3 camera or rather a cameraman. The camera has the ability to shoot and capture your adventure even if it takes hours. It can even edit the captured images or videos.

These are the examples of a technology that was even developed to produce a maximum comfort or a great experience. People are not contented with one thing and it resulted in the creation of the five inventions in the video that are very amazing. I like the glasses as I am already using one. It has many advanced features so it is not one purpose but multipurpose that is perfect for the price. In our life nothing is more important in eating food. The one thing that makes us more happy after eating our heavy meal is the Dessert. I know that everyone is totally agree with me and you always look for the best dessert for you to eat.