The history of classroom technology: The educational tools

Education is one of the human activity that was started hundred years ago and is now a continuing activity. Imagine the world without education. What would it be like? When the time that education began, tools that are needed were also developed. Many of them were used for many years as there are no replacement yet for them and they are the useful ones. From the basic ones like stick to point things out until it amazingly transforms into computers and into iPad. Let us learn in more detail through the infographic below.


In the illustration above, it started with the hornbook where alphabet, verses from the Bible or anything is imprinted to teach children how to write. It is a nice tool in the early days and it is good as it does not break easily as it is made of wood. I think it shows how children are disciplined as they do not play with it and write anything on it for it will be ruined immediately. In this time if a teacher left something for a second when he had to go out in the classroom, there are already heads staring at it and may have already touch it.

I think tools speaks for the education or classroom setting itself. There is a time where teachers have the authority to discipline children but now the time has changed and if someone tries to discipline a child and his parents think it should not be then they complain. There is famous online company that offers a good knowledge on how to build up your business into success through online marketing services. If you are interested to know about this, please visit their website- 八拓科技.  By the way, their website is in Asian character.