Points of Attractions in Venezuela

Venezuela is a great travel destination for its beautiful land and natural views. Here are the most amazing attractions that you can visit. Tourist are attracted with this beautiful land.

Medanos de Coro National Park (Falcon, Venezuela)

A desert park, natural inits beauty and look. Here is the place where you can enjoy the bitterness of the day. When you go there, you need to bring as many water as you need. For sure, you will not stay long there but you will enjoy the beauty of the place.

Angel Water Falls (Bolivar, Venezuela)

This falls is one of the most amazing falls in the world. It ranks as one of the most amazing natural view in this global area. This falls is the cherished one because it is the highest waterfall in the world having a height of 979 m.

Mount Roraima (Venezuela)

This is the highest plateau in Venezuela, reaching some part of Brazil. This is good for climbing, camping, hiking and other outdoor activities. It is fun in this area especially during summer.

Morrocoy National Park (Falcon, Venezuela)

This is a protected marine area that is established as a park. In fact, this is a beach park with many visitors for the park’s sake. It is actually very beautiful place to spend the night with someone.

Bararida Zoological and Botanical Park (Lara, Venezuela)

A day to spend with plants and animals, wild or tamed. Wonderful is this place because of its amazing animals roaming around. You can not touch all of them though.