Welcome to PANAMTEL

PANAMTEL is founded by Jorge Pocaterra. PANAMTEL is the abbreviation for Pan-American Telecommunication Network. The network’s main objective is to provide telecommunication services in Venezuela. As a matter of fact, the headquarter is based in Caracas, Venezuela.

In was in the late 1980s that the network was founded. Jorge Pocaterra Mejias, who is the founder is known for his capabilities in electronics and telecommunications. His expertise in the field had given support to his vision to the future of telecommunication in Venezuela. It was acquired through the development of large-scale projects and senior administrative positions. Success of the network is brought by the unity and collaboration of the people gathered by Pocaterra. They are highly capable, qualified and experienced for the network’s installation, administration, operation and maintenance.

After getting its approval from CONATEL (National Telecommunication Commission), it started its operation. PANAMTEL uses high digital technology which offers economical and specialized solutions. Also, it provides of point-to-point and point-to-multipoint telecommunication services. Services offered are Data (Computer and Telematics), voice communications (telephone, FM, radio) and video (video conferences and television), as well as Internet access. Its availability and security are guaranteed at least 99%. These services are provided both in an integrated and non-integrated manner.

Headquartering in Caracas, it branched in Maracaibo, San Cristóbal, and Isla Margarita. PANAMTEL operates nationwide and will soon expand its coverage and services, both nationally and internationally. Strong investments and the provision of services in the financial, tourism, manufacturing and foreign capital sectors are then expected to do so.